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Create Your Own Missions and Scenarios in Police Quest SWAT 2 for PC

the game is set in the modern day, but the graphics are from the old police quest games. the graphics are fairly good but a bit outdated. it's certainly not the best looking game on the list. the music is bland and the sound effects lack in variety. the sound is a mixed bag, but sometimes interesting. the voice acting is good.

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game features include a combat rifle, dual-wield swords, hand-grenades, a shield, a sniper rifle, a sub-machine gun and a shotgun. there are also no less than 18 different types of enemies. the game uses a point system instead of a health system, so players must be careful not to get hit too much.

the game also features a map system. it allows you to load or create your own locations for the game. maps can be created by building and editing three distinct types of blocks, including road blocks, underground bases and homes. there are two main types of maps - those that are made up of individual locations and others that are made up of large regions that the player can travel between. smaller maps are easier to travel around in and larger maps make the game more fun when going from one location to another.

there is also a multiplayer mode, which can be played by up to four players. the mode allows a simultaneous challenge of the main game and allows the use of all the same weapons and gameplay mechanics as in single player mode. all of the achievements, badges and leaderboard rankings are shared across both single and multiplayer modes.

i couldnt find any bugs at all in the game, but i couldnt really test it too much as i had terrible lag issues. the lag is noticeable on all platforms and it is impossible to fly anywhere without it. online rankings and leaderboards are not synced and it becomes difficult to compete on the leaderboards without owning the game already.

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