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Copy Service Stuttgart (CSS) was an early Atari 8-bit cracking group that released hundreds of cracked games in the 1980s. They switched to the Atari ST family but disbanded/went dormant in the early 1990s. They organized multiple "CSS Conventions" in Stuttgart, Germany. "Wir machen Spitzensoftware kopierbar."

Boulder Dash Xl Crack 16

I made two rounds of eggs because my kid decided he wanted more. I found that adding the eggs to a silicon liner in the air fryer while it preheated and then a 10 minute timer once it came to temperature worked best. When I went to make more eggs and the air fryer was already hot a few eggs ended up cracking.

One very interesting kind of software was copiers. Most were copyright infringement oriented, and their function was only tape duplication, but when Sinclair Research launched the ZX Microdrive, copiers were developed to copy programs from audio tape to microdrive tapes, and later on diskettes. Best known were the Lerm suite produced by Lerm Software and Trans Express by Romantic Robot. As the protections became more complex (e.g. Speedlock) it was almost impossible to use copiers to copy tapes, and the loaders had to be cracked by hand, to produce unprotected versions. Special hardware, like Romantic Robot's Multiface which was able to dump a copy of the ZX Spectrum RAM to disk/tape at the press of a button, was developed, entirely circumventing the copy protection systems. "Snapshots" generated by these black boxes would later become the original filetype recognised by emulators: .SNA: although these memory dumps have been generally replaced by more complex files, incorporating original loading features and multi-level options. 350c69d7ab


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