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Install Epson Stylus C88 Printer

Epson Stylus C88 Color inkjet printer, max. 2880x1440 dpi, works MostlyRecommended Driver: gutenprint (Home page, Driver packages: x86 32 bit: 5.2.7 (RPM for LSB 3.2) (Signed), 5.2.7 (DEB for LSB 3.2) (Signed), 5.0.1 (RPM for LSB 3.1) (Signed), 5.0.1 (DEB for LSB 3.1) (Signed), x86 64 bit: 5.2.7 (RPM for LSB 3.2) (Signed), 5.2.7 (DEB for LSB 3.2) (Signed), 5.0.1 (RPM for LSB 3.1) (Signed), 5.0.1 (DEB for LSB 3.1) (Signed) (How to install))Generic Instructions: CUPS, no spooler

Install Epson Stylus C88 Printer

Download File:

gutenprint &nbsp(driver home page) Top Quality Printer Drivers for inkjets, dye sublimation printers, and PCL lasers Supplier: Gutenprint projectLicense: GPL (free software)User support:Gutenprint mailing list at SourceForge (voluntary)Color output Type: CUPS RasterText: 90Graphics: 100System Load:UnknownLine Art: 90Photo: 100Speed: 60Download:Driver packages: x86 32 bit: 5.2.7 (RPM for LSB 3.2) (Signed), 5.2.7 (DEB for LSB 3.2) (Signed), 5.0.1 (RPM for LSB 3.1) (Signed), 5.0.1 (DEB for LSB 3.1) (Signed), x86 64 bit: 5.2.7 (RPM for LSB 3.2) (Signed), 5.2.7 (DEB for LSB 3.2) (Signed), 5.0.1 (RPM for LSB 3.1) (Signed), 5.0.1 (DEB for LSB 3.1) (Signed) (How to install)

From the time I purchased my Epson Stylus C88 it has printed black evenly spaced horizontal lines through my documents. I have done multiple cleanings, alignments, new cartridges, reinstalled the driver, tried different settings, reset the printer, etc. When I called Epson they said it probably had to do with the fact that I used generic cartridges. Does anyone know how I can stop this. Maybe a way to turn off the monitoring ink. I have seen videos but I do not have the option under maintenance to disable. Maybe someone has made a driver to override the Epson driver? I need to print my resume.

The Epson Stylus C88 may not be able to see a newly installed full blank ink cartridge because of a configuration issue: the model has a particular issue with Windows Vista and later. If the Epson Stylus C88 doesn't register the black ink cartridge, it won't be able to print properly. You may be able to fix the ink visibility issue by cleaning and reinstalling the cartridge itself. Additionally, upgrading and adjusting the software may also help the printer see the cartridge.

Even if you've installed ink cartridges a dozen times in the Stylus C88, and are certain you installed the new black ink cartridge correctly, taking it out and reinstalling it will clear up any connection issues. The printer may not be able to recognize the cartridge if it is not properly installed. To install the cartridge, open the tray and cover, lift the ink cartridge lock mechanism, shake the ink cartridge, and perpendicularly slide the ink cartridge into the black ink spot, so the locking level faces away from you until the cartridge clicks into position. Close the cartridge lock and cover after the cartridge is installed before pressing the "Ink" button on the printer to charge the new cartridge.

If your Epson printer is currently using any other ink (Epson-brand ink, aftermarket ink, another brand of sublimation ink), it is required that you clean the printer immediately upon installing the InkOwl sublimation ink.

Note: Some printers have two black slots (photo black + matte black). Only the matte black slot needs to be used. Fill the photo black slot with bottled purge fluid (or install a cleaning cartridge), as this slot will not be used in printing.

I have an Epson Stylus CX 3700. I plugged it into a laptop with Ubuntu 11.10 and the printer works just fine without me installing the driver that came with it. Is there an advantage to using the manufacturers driver?

With the whiz-bang functions of modern printers, that is often the case. In order to scan, or print borderless photos, or automatically collate/staple, or get the printer to wash your car, you need to install the manufacturer's drivers.

If you just want to print pages and everything works out-of-the-box, then there's often no reason to waste time downloading and installing additional drivers. I usually don't. Then again, I use a 15-year-old laser printer. It doesn't wash my car, but it prints extremely sharp text output which is, coincidentally, exactly what I use a printer for.


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